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Top Five Things to Do In Enchanting Monaco

When I visited Monaco, it was one of the most exciting and unforgettable experience in my traveling life. Well... I think all the traveling I have done are memorable and exciting. But what I loved about Monaco is the closeness to the sea. I have always been a sea lover (even if I am a ...

Cheap Flight and the Round the World Ticket

Are you thinking of traveling for a long period of time? If so, try considering round the world (RTW) tickets. Here is a cool post of some useful tips in booking cheap flight and Round the World tickets. Have fun traveling! *oink**oink* Buying a ticket - cheap flights and round the world options Most travellers set off ...

Reunification Palace: The Sexiest Building in Southeast Asia

the Reunification Palace was described as “deliriously glamorous, a lip-smacking mix of Turandot melodrama and James Bond cool. Walls sprout gilded sconces the size of industrial-strength woks. Ceilings drip with blocky chandeliers. A reception room is sheathed in gold lacquer and scattered with Parsons tables, while the den is a 1960’s rec room writ large, right down to the barrel-shaped wet bar and king-size sectional sofa.”

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