Top Five Things to Do In Enchanting Monaco

When I visited Monaco, it was one of the most exciting and unforgettable experience in my traveling life. Well... I think all the traveling I have done are memorable and exciting. But what I loved about Monaco is the closeness to the sea. I have always been a sea lover (even if I am a ...

Why The Black Eyed Peas Love the Philippines

Are you ready to go to the Philippines and discover its 7,107 islands? Let APL of the Black Eyed Peas take you there! *Oinksome!!!*

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Reunification Palace: The Sexiest Building in Southeast Asia

the Reunification Palace was described as “deliriously glamorous, a lip-smacking mix of Turandot melodrama and James Bond cool. Walls sprout gilded sconces the size of industrial-strength woks. Ceilings drip with blocky chandeliers. A reception room is sheathed in gold lacquer and scattered with Parsons tables, while the den is a 1960’s rec room writ large, right down to the barrel-shaped wet bar and king-size sectional sofa.”

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Saigon: The Special Mix of Religions

In almost every country we visit, culture is often influenced by the people’s religious beliefs. *oink* *oink*

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Saigon: The Notre Dame Basilica and Post Office

The Notre Dame Basilica Following the French conquest of Cochinchina and Saigon, the Roman Catholic Church decided to establish a community and religious services for the French colonialists. The first church was built on today's Ngo Duc Ke Street. In that street, there use to be a Vietnamese pagoda which had been abandoned during the war. ...

The Amazing Hu Tieu Nam Vang

At the alleyway near the hostel, they served wonderful noodle dishes called Pho. Gino and I had our first Vietnamese noodle breakfast.

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Saigon: The Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market (from Vietnamese Ben meaning “wharf”, and Quy Thanh meaning “turtle citadel”) is a big marketplace in the downtown area of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in District 1

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Saigon: The City Of Motorbikes

“If you want to have a girlfriend in Vietnam, the first thing you need to do is buy a motorbike. No motorbike. No girlfriend.”

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