Reunification Palace: The Sexiest Building in Southeast Asia

According to an article written in January 2003, the Reunification Palace was considered one of the sexiest building in Southeast Asia. It was an architectural achievement of one of Vietnam’s most prominent architect, Ngo Viet Thu.  On February 1962, after the palace was bombed, Thu was instructed to reconstruct the palace with his own design. The complex covered an area of 12 hectares, including a palace with an 80-meter-wide façade, a guest-chamber capable of accommodating 800 people, with a spacious gardens covered by green trees and a lawn. Most of the building materials were imported from France. In the article, the Reunification Palace was described as “deliriously glamorous, a lip-smacking mix of Turandot melodrama and James Bond cool. Walls sprout gilded sconces the size of industrial-strength woks. Ceilings drip with blocky chandeliers. A reception room is sheathed in gold lacquer and scattered with Parsons tables, while the den is a 1960’s rec room writ large, right down to the barrel-shaped wet bar and king-size sectional sofa.” It is not hard to imagine why. The Reunification Palace is indeed a site to behold. *oinktastic*!

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