Saigon: The Special Mix of Religions

In almost every country we visit, culture is often influenced by the people’s religious beliefs. *oink* *oink*. As pigs, we do not have any particular religion but I do believe there is someone out there who made me be. *oink*. I bet if I travel more and learn more, I will meet that Someone.

It is no different when I visited Vietnam. In my readings, the majority of Vietnamese people classify themselves as non-religious, although they visit religious temples several times every year. Their everyday behaviours and attitudes are dictated by the synthesis of philosophies which can be traced from many religions, especially Mahayana Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism. Those religions have been co-existing in the country for centuries and mixed perfectly with the Vietnamese tradition of worshiping their ancestors and national heroes. *oink**oink*

Because of that special mix explains why the people there find it hard to say exactly which religion they belong to. I have always been intrigued why people worship. I guess it is somehow deep inside us we know that there is something greater out there that made us. *oink* *oink*

Here is are some pictures of the Temples I visited when I was in Vietnam.

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