Top Five Things to Do In Enchanting Monaco

When I visited Monaco, it was one of the most exciting and unforgettable experience in my traveling life. Well… I think all the traveling I have done are memorable and exciting. But what I loved about Monaco is the closeness to the sea. I have always been a sea lover (even if I am a pig). There is the sense of allure and mystery when you look at that huge body of blue water. It totally mesmerizes me. *oink**oink*

I just would like to share with you some Top Five Things You Can Do when you are in Monaco. This is what I did!

1. Visit Fontvieille
You can discover more than 180 varieties of rose at the Princess Grace Rose Garden. The Museum of Stamps and Coins features rare philatelic items from the postal history of the Principality. The permanent exhibition of Prince Rainier III’s Private Collection of Classic Cars, with over 100 classic cars, is nearby. The Naval Museum and the Zoological Terraces are also located here. As a pig, I love running around the gardens!

2. Gamble
Gamble in style at the Grand Casino in Monte Carlo. I did not know how to gamble but I watched my friend lose all his money. Strange. The casino is located in Monaco’s most exclusive quartier, where all the most luxurious and fashionable hotels, restaurants and boutiques can also be found (including the famous Hôtel de Paris). The building’s style is distinctively grand and luxurious and the casino is linked to the Salle Garnier Opera House by an impressive atrium lined with 28 Ionic Golden Circle columns made of onyx. The minimum age for entering any of Monte Carlo’s casinos is 21. You will need your passport at the door as well as an entry fee of 10 Euros.

3. Visit Place du Palais
At Monte Carlo’s spiritual heart is Monaco-Ville (old town) where the Place du Palais houses the Prince’s Palace and State Apartments. Built around 1215, the palace’s focal points are the Throne Room and the Main Courtyard with its horse-shaped marble staircase, adorned with millions of geometric patterns. Attend the Changing of the Palace Guard (admission free), which takes place daily, just before noon (1155). I was lucky to see it even though I am very small with all the people gathered there. *oink*

4. Take a helicopter ride
If you want to see and be in 3 countries at the same take the helicopter ride. WOW. It was an awesome experience. Take a panoramic flight over the principality and the surrounding area with Heli-Air Monaco ( Trips last from 10 to 40 minutes but it is well worth it!!!!

5. Watch Formula One
Luckily for me, it was the last day of Formula One race. The streets were packed with people watching high speed cars moving about. If you get a chance, attend the world-famous Monaco Grand Prix Formula One race, which takes place every year in the principality’s narrow winding streets, attracting thousands of spectators. Another favourite is the Historic Grand Prix, which is held every other year.

There you go. This is what I did when I was in Monaco. It was not much but for the 3 days I stayed, it was enchanting. I would love to go back there again! *oinktastic!*

Tell my next adventures,

Spider Pig

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